Scott Steel Erectors were awarded a number of significant contracts for the demolition, erection and cladding of two new head frame structures at the Potash Corporation mine at Rocanville Saskatchewan.  The contracts were part of a major expansion project of one of the world’s largest potash mines. In particular, the demolition of an existing head frame structure with the new head frame already erected on top of the old structure presented unique challenges for both safety and execution.  The work was carefully planned and engineered well in advance and then flawlessly executed by a professional team of management and trades people. I would not hesitate to recommend Scott Steel Erectors for this type of work.

Bryan Alexander
Deputy Project Manager

Potash Corporation Mine
Rocanville Saskatchewan

The R1 structure and the R2 crane have been completely turned over to CNRL today. I would like to thank all you for your excellent work! You achieved these milestones without incident. Congratulations! Please tell all of your men and Scott Steel we are very happy with the quality of workmanship and their High Standards towards Safety!  GREAT JOB!!!

Tom Bateman
Construction Manager
Upstream Major Projects
Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.
Horizon Oil Sands

I'm writing to give positive recognition to Scott Steel Erectors employees, Frank Pozega and Mark Rackham. Frank has performed his role as foreman at the beginning of the Nabiye Project in 2013 and into 2014. His attitude, organization, and attention to detail with regard to safety is exemplary.
He stepped up and took on more of a leadership role, leading the morning toolbox meeting and provided a consistent message to the crew, and I think has earned the respect of the crew as well as Darren and Dave.
He earned a reputation as 'make it happen' kind of guy, who will solve problems by enlisting the help of others. Other contractors onsite are willing to help Frank just because they like him and know if they do help, the favor will be returned in the future. For example, we have been getting free use of JV Driver cranes occasionally and I credit Dave and Darren for cooperating with others onsite as well. Instead of moving SSE AWP's in and out of the building every time a different contractor needs access, the leadership onsite now and for the past two months has been willing to share resources and it is working better for everyone.
Mark Rackham has also transformed from a quiet leader into a vocal leader. He started out working on the tool, training the less experienced workers.
We have witnessed Mark's ability as an erector, signal person, excellent AWP operator, and feel his experience provides him all the credibility he needs to influence others around him in a positive way.
Mark and Frank have stuck with us on the Nabiye Project and we appreciate it.
Thank you,

Caesar Kortuem
Site Project Manager, Metro-Can KTC

This year, Schlumberger Canada Ltd. awarded the "Hybrid Building of the Year" award to Scott Builders Inc. Attached is a photo of the award we received. This award is just as much yours as it is ours as you were a huge part of this success. Thank you very much for all your great work.


On behalf of Jack, I share the following commendation for Kean and Alan Warriner in managing work on site at K plus S.  This includes the supervision of our sub-trade, Scott Steel Erectors. In weekly meeting minutes for the third week in a row,  “AMEC  commends Hipperson Construction on their performance on productivity and safety.  All are pleased with the progression.” This is the level of service that it takes to earn our client’s repeat business.   Thanks Kean and Al -  continued success out there!!!


Scott Steel Erectors, a metal building assembly company, has been working at Red Chris since April 2013 on construction of the process plant. We have crew of 35 on site at any given time, “says the company’s site supervisor, Doug Hood. The process plant is made up of six areas: grinding, flotation, thickener, concentrate storage, reagent, and the electrical annex. Crews built the structural skeleton of the plant first, and then installed insulation, siding and a sheet metal roof to keep the inside warm and dry. Crews assembled and installed all of the building components, including structural steel, wall and roof sheet metal, windows, louvers and doors. They also did the overhead crane installations, and specialized hoisting and rigging. “The project is very challenging, but extremely rewarding,” says Doug. “When I look back at pictures I took six short months ago, I can’t believe how much has been completed. There are 150 transport truckloads of steel in the frames,” he explains. “Doug Hood’s dedicated, skilled crew worked hard – some from 135 foot lifts installing bolts and screws while the temperature dipped to -27C to meet the deadline,” says Red Chris construction manager Alex Cook. “Work is not finished for Doug’s team. Because of their excellent performance, Scott Steel has been awarded another contract. So there are 60 more loads of steel on the way. We look forward to a repeat performance for the installation of the interior steel.” Doug attributes the success to everyone involved in the project!


Your guy’s are an absolute pleasure to work / deal with!!! I attend the guy’s tool box talk every morning and I have never engaged with a more respectable, interactive, safety conscience, productive crew of iron workers. Every morning Allan has a different worker lead the tool box talk which I think is just awesome and one of these mornings I’m going to have to ask him the motivation behind that. It’s my hope to see more of your crew and Scott Steel Erectors here as the project moves forward.

Darren Lavoie - AMEC SITE SAFETY

I would like to say it’s been a pleasure working with the team you had here at Shell Scotford. It’s not often that you find a group of workers that are as driven and motivated as this team is and I can say that the level of supervision you have here on site is that of a 5 star leader. Both Alan and Mark were very important along with the rest of the team in having this job completed with 0 recordable incidents and speaks volumes on just what type of company Scott Steel Erectors really are. So once again I would to thank you and the whole team for a job well done, take care and see you on the next one.


On behalf of the Mayor and City Council, the West End Community Center Steering Committee, and the citizens of Sault Ste. Marie, I would like to thank you and your employees for the work that your company performed on this project.

Your expertise and commitment to the project meant that we were able to meet our deadline to use this facility for the participants of the 2012 CARHA Hockey World Cup. This was extremely important.

The WECC is a first-class facility that the users and citizens will enjoy, and that our out-of-town guests will be envious of. With Phase I (Indoor Turf Facility) and Phase II (Branch Library) completed, we are looking forward to Phase III (Arena) getting the go ahead.

Counsillor Joe Krmpotich, Chair

West End Community Centre Steering Committee

cc: City Council

      J.M. Fratesi, Chief Administrative Officer